Radiofrequency is the latest technology to tackle face and body areas in need of rejuvenation. Safe and affordable, the vast majority of clients treated to date have given very positive feedback as to its results (Please see our testimonials section). For those of you seeking improvement without needles or an incision this may be for you.

Taking about thirty to fifty minutes per treatment area, the technology works by heating up the skin, the dermis in particular, to 42. This changes the collagen formation and encourages fibroblast migration and laying down of new collagen, with skin remodeling taking place over months and lasting about two years. Some people only have issues with skin laxity, for example the face or on the abdomen after childbirth or weight loss, and not always with fatty tissue excess.

In addition the RF wave passes about 2cm into the fatty skin layer causing breakdown of the fat membrane, so fat is released and picked up by the lymphatic system and disposed of by the liver for excretion. Thus cellulite and body contouring can be improved but one has to be realistic about the expectations.